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Chipotle Kids Menu

Chipotle Kids Menu 2024

Chipotle Kids Menu

when you order a kids meal at Chipotle did you know that all the meats are priced the same but if you order a burrito the prices are all different garlic guio state is $165 that’s $3.50.

more expensive than the chicken but when you order the kids meal it’s the same price guys order a kids meal for $4.95 and get it with the most expensive meat get garlic guajo steak two additional size two tacos a side of nachos and a drink, Chipotle Menu Prices 2024.

Build Your Own Kids Meal

Build your 350 -810 calories with $4.95, your choice of meat, guacamole, or queso, and two toppings to go with a pair of crispy corn and soft flour tortillas, including fruit or kids chips and organic juice or milk.

Build Your Own Kids Meal
#Build Your Own Kids Meal

Chipotle Kids Cheese Quesadilla

Cheese Quesadilla with 530-710 calories price $3.95, with a side of beans, including fruit and kids chips and organic juice or milk, add meat for 0.55(add 20-120 cal)

Chipotle Kids Cheese Quesadilla
#Chipotle Kids Cheese Quesadilla

The Cheese Quesadilla is the best source of protein and calcium, making it a nutritious option for children. It’s also an excellent choice for parents looking for a vegetarian or gluten-free option for their children.

Chipotle Kids Taco

The Chipotle Kids Taco is another popular item on the kid’s menu. It’s a smaller version of the regular tacos and comes with a soft or crispy taco shell, a choice of protein, cheese, and lettuce.

Chipotle Kids Taco
#Chipotle Kids Taco

The protein options for the Kid’s Taco include chicken, steak, carnitas, barbacoa, or sofritas (a vegan option made with shredded tofu and spices). The cheese is typically Monterey Jack, but you can request a different type of cheese if your child prefers.

Chipotle Kids Cheese Nachos

The Chipotle Kids Cheese Nachos are a delicious option on the kid’s menu. They consist of tortilla chips topped with melted Monterey Jack cheese. The Kids Cheese Nachos are an excellent option for children who enjoy snacking on chips and cheese.

Chipotle Kids Cheese Nachos
#Chipotle Kids Cheese Nachos

While the Kids Cheese Nachos are not as nutritionally balanced as other options on the menu, they can still be a part of a balanced meal when paired with other options like a side of rice and beans or a side of guacamole.

Chipotle Kid’s Side of Rice and Beans

The Chipotle Kid’s Side of Rice and Beans is a popular and nutritious option on the kid’s menu. It consists of a small serving of white or cilantro-lime rice and black or pinto beans.

Chipotle Kid's Side of Rice and Beans
#Chipotle Kid’s Side of Rice and Beans

Rice and beans are excellent sources of protein, fibre, and complex carbohydrates, making them a filling and nutritious option for children. They are also gluten-free and vegetarian, making them suitable for various dietary restrictions.

Chipotle Kids Menu Pricing Table

Main Course Options

Item Price
🌯 Mini Chicken Burrito $4.99
🧀 Kids Cheese Quesadilla $3.99
🍲 Mini Kids Bowl $5.49
🌮 Kids Build Your Own Taco $4.79
🥦 Veggie Kids Burrito $4.49
🧀 Kids Queso Bowl $5.99

Side Additions

Item Price
🍟 Chips & Queso $2.29
🥑 Chips & Guacamole $2.99
🍎 Fruit Cup $1.99
🍲 Black Beans $0.99
🍚 Rice $0.89

Customization Options

Customization Price
🍗 Extra Protein (e.g., Chicken, Steak) +$1.50
🥑 Guacamole +$0.99
🍶 Sour Cream +$0.75
🧀 Extra Cheese +$0.50
🍽️ Additional Sides Varies


Item Price
🥤 Kids Drink (Fountain) $1.99
🚰 Bottled Water $1.29
🍏 Apple Juice Box $0.99
🍫 Chocolate Milk Box $1.49

Combo Deals

Combo Price
🍱 Kids Meal (Main + Side + Drink) $7.99
👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Family Bundle (4 Kids Meals) $29.99

FAQs About Chipotle Kids Menu

Q: What comes with a kid’s meal at Chipotle?

Chipotle Kids Meal Menu comes with a few options to choose from:

  • Protein: Customers can choose between proteins such as chicken, steak, barbacoa, carnitas, or sofritas (tofu).
  • Side: Kids can choose a side dish, such as black beans, pinto beans, cilantro-lime rice, or the new option, Cilantro Lime Cauliflower Rice.
  • Drink: A small juice or organic milk is included in the meal.
  • Extras: A small bag of chips and mild tomato salsa are also included

Q: Does Chipotle do kid-size bowls?

Yes, Chipotle offers kid-sized bowls as part of their Kids’ Menu. These bowls are smaller than regular-sized and are designed to be more appropriate for children’s appetites. Customers can choose from the same protein options and sides as the regular bowls but in smaller portions.

Q: How do you make a kid’s meal at Chipotle?

If you’re looking to make a kid’s meal at Chipotle, you can follow these simple steps:

  • Start by selecting the protein of your choice. Options include chicken, steak, barbacoa, carnitas, or sofritas (tofu).
  • Choose a side dish. Kids can choose from black beans, pinto beans, cilantro-lime rice, or Cilantro Lime Cauliflower Rice.
  • Select a drink. A small juice or organic milk is included in the meal.
  • Add any extras. A small bag of chips and mild tomato salsa are also included.

Q: Can adults get Chipotle kids’ meals?

Adults are welcome to order from the Chipotle Kids’ Menu, including the Kids’ Meal. The Kids’ Meal is designed to be a smaller, more manageable portion size for children, but there is no age limit on who can order from the Kids’ Menu.

Q: Is Chipotle healthy fast food?

Chipotle is often considered a healthier fast food option than many other fast food chains due to its emphasis on fresh ingredients and customizable menu options. However, the healthiness of a Chipotle meal ultimately depends on the specific choices you make when ordering.

Q: Which Chipotle meat is not spicy for kids?

Chipotle Mexican Grill offers several meat options, and the level of spiciness can vary depending on the person’s tolerance for heat. However, among the meat options at Chipotle, the mildest meat for kids would likely be grilled chicken. It is not marinated in spicy sauces and is generally softer in flavour than other options, such as steak or barbacoa. Additionally, if your child is susceptible to spice, you can ask the Chipotle staff to lighten the seasoning when preparing the chicken to reduce its spiciness.

Q: What is the average age for Chipotle?

If by “average age for Chipotle” you mean the average age of the customers who visit Chipotle, it’s difficult to give an exact answer as it can vary depending on the establishment and period of day. However, based on a 2019 report by QSR Magazine, Chipotle’s customer base is primarily made up of younger generations, with around 70% of their customers being millennials and Gen Z. This suggests that the average age of Chipotle’s customers is likely to be in the 20s to early 30s range. However, it’s worth noting that this is just an estimation and can vary based on location, time, and other factors.

Q: Does Chipotle cook their food?

Yes, Chipotle cooks their food. All ingredients used in Chipotle’s dishes are cooked on the grill or stove, in the oven, or simmered in a pot. For example, the steak, chicken, and vegetables are grilled, the rice is cooked on the stove, and the beans are simmered in a pot. Even the tortillas are heated on a grill before serving.

Q: Does Chipotle charge extra for cheese?

Yes, Chipotle typically charges extra for cheese. Cheese is considered a premium ingredient at Chipotle, so adding it to your order will usually result in an additional charge. The exact amount can alter depending on the area, but as of my knowledge cutoff in 2021, the typical cost for adding cheese to your order was around $1.50. However, it’s worth noting that the pricing and availability of ingredients can vary by location and over time, so it’s always best to check with your local Chipotle for the most up-to-date information on pricing and options.

Q: Is Chipotle chicken halal?

Chipotle does not currently offer halal-certified chicken in their restaurants. While some of their ingredients, such as beans and vegetables, maybe halal, their chicken is not specifically prepared or certified as halal.

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