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Texas Roadhouse Catering brings the renowned flavors of their steakhouses to your events. It features a diverse menu and mouthwatering options like hand-cut steaks, ribs, and hearty sides, ensuring a memorable feast for any occasion. The catering service provides customizable packages for various group sizes, making it ideal for gatherings, parties, or corporate events. With a commitment to quality and flavor, Texas Roadhouse Catering brings the spirit of its legendary restaurants to your doorstep, ensuring a delightful and satisfying dining experience for all your guests. Explore the menu to create a personalized spread that captures the essence of Texas Roadhouse at your special event.

Why Select Catering from Texas Roadhouse?

Texas Roadhouse Catering is the best option if you want the food for the occasion to be particularly memorable. They provide a variety of excellent meal options so that everyone can find a dish they enjoy.

  • Quality: Best ingredients ensure delicious dishes.
  • Menu Variety: From steaks to salads, options for all tastes.
  • Classic Dishes: Renowned for chili and ribs.
  • Customization: Tailored to suit each event.
  • Dietary Options: Catering to vegetarians and allergy-conscious diners.
  • Value for Money: Competitive prices with generous portions.
  • Established Presence: Over 420 locations across 48 US states and internationally.

Texas Roadhouse Catering Menu with Prices 2024

View the Texas Roadhouse 2024 menu to find out what’s available and how much it will cost. There are delicious options to suit every budget. Here is where you can view the Texas Roadhouse Kids menu as well.

Texas Roadhouse Catering Menu
#Texas Roadhouse Catering Menu

Menu ItemsCaloriesPrice
Sirloin-Ribs (6 oz)800$19.49
Sirloin – Ribs (8 oz)890$21.49
Chicken-Critters and Ribs820$15.99
Chicken-Critters and Sirloin 6oz520$17.99
BBQ Chicken (Grilled) and Sirloin 6oz590$20.49
BBQ Chicken (Grilled) and Ribs890$17.99
Ribeye 12 oz and Grilled-Shrimp1360$26.99
Ribeye 12 oz and Grilled-Shrimp1510$27.99
Grilled-Shrimp 6 oz and Sirloin650$18.49
Grilled-Shrimp 8 oz and Sirloin740$20.49
Filet 6 oz and Grilled-Shrimp670$25.49
Filet 6 oz and Ribs820$26.49
Menu ItemsPrice
Chicken Critters (Family-Sized)$39.99
Ribs (Family-Sized)$59.99
Chicken BBQ (Family Sized)$39.99
Package NameIncluded ItemsPrice
Chicken 3 WaysBBQ Breasts, Port Mush Breasts, 1/2 Toasters, Made-From-Scratch Side, Salad of Choice$10
Cowboy FeastRibs, Choice of (BBQ Breasts, Port Mush Breasts, or 1/2 Roasters), 6 oz. Sirloin, Made-From-Scratch Side, Salad of Choice$17
Texas Roadhouse-Signed BBQ FeastBBQ Chicken Breasts Halved, Full Slabs of Ribs, Pulled Pork, Made-From-Scratch Side, Salad of Choice$13
Prime Rib FeastAu Jus, Salad of Choice, Made-From-Scratch Side$18
Menu ItemsCaloriesPrice
Grilled-Pork-Chops (Single chop)440$11.99
Grilled-Pork-Chops (Double chop)730$14.99
Fried Sirloin (Country)900$12.99
Vegetable Plate (Country)$10.99
Menu ItemsCaloriesPrice
Hand Cut-Sirloin250$12.49
Hand Cut-Sirloin340$14.49
Hand Cut-Sirloin460$17.49
Hand Cut-Sirloin670$20.99
Porterhouse (T-Bone)1040$31.99
Steak Kabob920$13.49
Bone-In Ribeye1480$27.99
Ft. Worth-Ribeye960$20.99
Ft. Worth-Ribeye1120$22.99
Ft. Worth-Ribeye1280$24.99
Road Kill760$11.49
Strip-(New York)420$16.49
Strip-(New York)640$20.99
Dessert ItemsCaloriesPrice
Brownie Big OL’1200$6.99
Classic – Granny’s Apple1110$6.99
Strawberry Cheesecake800$6.99
Buttered Corn190$10
Green Beans with Bacon100$10
Mashed Potatoes with Gravy260$10
BBQ Sauce172 $10


Embark on a culinary journey at Texas Roadhouse with their ten best menu items that promise to delight your taste buds. The USDA Prime Sirloin, a lean masterpiece, offers an impeccable balance of tenderness and flavor, catering to those conscious of dietary preferences. The Cactus Blossom takes center stage as a showstopper appetizer, presenting a colossal fried onion ring cake with a perfect blend of seasonings and an irresistible dipping sauce. Rattlesnake Bites, featuring diced jalapenos and jack cheese, bring an addictive taste sensation with their golden-fried perfection. Each dish reflects Texas Roadhouse’s commitment to delivering exceptional dining experiences, making every visit a flavorful adventure.

1. Bone-in Ribeye

Indulge in the culinary delight of the Ribeye Steak at Texas Roadhouse—a magnificent 20-ounce cut of beef that promises unparalleled tenderness and juiciness. Bursting with a harmonious blend of spices, this Choice slice is a feast for the senses. Your personal trainer’s advice on protein intake finds fulfillment in this sumptuous meal. Accompanied by two side dishes of your choice, the options are extensive—loaded baked potatoes, sweet potatoes, fries, buttered corn, mashed potatoes, house salads, steamed vegetables, seasoned rice, and more.

The diverse selection caters to various preferences, from carb-conscious options like steamed broccoli to indulgent choices like creamy buttered corn and sautéed onions. The loaded baked potatoes are flavorful and satisfying, often serving as a substantial main dish. Texas Roadhouse’s commitment to diverse tastes is evident in every meticulously crafted detail of its menu.


2. Slab of Ribs

For an order of our ribs at Texas Roadhouse, the price is 250, and let me tell you, we take our ribs seriously! It’s a culinary feat to surpass Granny’s home cooking, but Texas Roadhouse manages just that. The slabs of ribs are undeniably delicious, cooked to a tenderness beyond perfection—each morsel effortlessly sliding off the bone. Our secret barbecue sauce, a labour of patience and sacred ingredients, enhances the experience, leaving you shamelessly licking your fingers. Accompanied by your Choice of two side dishes, indulging in a forkful of mashed potatoes with barbecue sauce is a heavenly combination.

Word has it that pairing these amazing ribs with rice creates a miraculous harmony. Bring your hunger; you won’t be disappointed. Achieve balance in life with pleasurable, nutrition-packed food that transports you to a whole different dimension of flavors and textures. Your family will adore these ribs, and your friends will thank you for introducing them to this savory, sweet, and satisfying grilled barbecue chicken meal.

3. Grilled BBQ chicken with sweet BBQ sauce

Indulge in the delectable Sweet Barbecue Sauce at Texas Roadhouse and explore the savory delights of our skinless grilled chicken breast. As a haven for chicken lovers, our restaurant knows how to elevate every protein with the respect and sauce it deserves. The Grilled Barbecue Chicken option offers a delicious alternative to beef, catering to those seeking variety in their food choices. Packed with high protein,

this meal satisfies and fulfills your nutritional needs. Texas Roadhouse excels in creating standout chicken dishes, making them a perfect choice for those opting for a lighter meal, perhaps paired with a side salad and green beans. Our commitment to customer care ensures that each dish is crafted to please our patrons.

4. Grilled Shrimp

If you’re craving something shrimp-related, Texas Roadhouse has you covered with their delectable Grilled Shrimp. You might wonder if ordering seafood at a steakhouse is wise, but Texas Roadhouse chefs seamlessly transition their culinary expertise from ribs to chicken and seafood. These perfectly grilled shrimp can be an excellent appetizer or a satisfying main dish. Precision grilling, coupled with just the right amount of flavoring and spice, creates a dish that seems magically perfected in the kitchen.

Served with a wedge of lemon, butter dipping sauce, and two slices of Texas Roadhouse toast, the grilled shrimp can be complemented with a small salad for a well-balanced flavor profile and a dose of leafy greens. Whether you opt for a chicken critter salad or a substantial salad, Texas Roadhouse ensures a delightful dining experience.

5. Chicken Critter Salad

Surprisingly, their Chicken Critter Salad is one of the best items to order at Texas Roadhouse. It stands out as a healthier option, offering a satisfying meal with various proteins, including crunchy chicken tenders, bacon, cheddar cheese, and eggs. This protein-rich assortment helps meet your daily requirements and build muscle. The salad also features bell peppers, carrot strips, and tomatoes, providing a generous serving of vegetables.

Texas Roadhouse will customize your salad if you have specific preferences, accommodating requests to exclude certain ingredients. With a range of dressing options like Ranch, honey mustard, Thousand Island, or blue cheese, you can customize the flavor to your liking. The giant-sized portion ensures you’ll be filled up, and every morsel is guaranteed to be enjoyable. Despite its suspicious-sounding name, the Chicken Critter Salad lives up to its promise of being truly delicious at Texas Roadhouse.


6. Cactus Blossom

Experience the Bloomin’ Pumpkin at Texas Roadhouse, a uniquely special dish called the Cactus Blossom. This culinary masterpiece arrives at your table resembling a cactus blossom, presented in a large bowl with a freshly made, aromatic batter-covered fried onion. From the moment it arrives, your senses come alive—visually delightful, captivating aroma and a true culinary extravaganza. Serving as a lovely appetizer, the Cactus Blossom not only tantalizes your taste buds but also fosters a sense of togetherness among diners, making it a perfect dish for sharing.

This comfort food leaves a lasting impression, prompting diners to return to Texas Roadhouse to indulge in this colossal breaded and fried onion ring cake, often ordered before perusing the menu. Seasoned with cayenne pepper, garlic powder, and paprika, the Cactus Blossom is delicately pulled apart and dipped into a tantalizing sauce featuring sour cream, mayo, horseradish, and chili sauce. The harmonious flavors and sublime texture, with crunchy batter bits and moist fried onion pieces, create a delicious and memorable dining experience.

7. USDA Choice Sirloin

Indulge in the fine USDA Prime Sirloin at Texas Roadhouse when the craving for a steak strikes and your dietary preferences lean towards a leaner option. This sirloin steak, though slender, doesn’t compromise on flavor and is impeccably cooked to perfection. It is a fulfilling and muscle-rejuvenating meal that caters to those cutting down on dietary fat. The bonus allows you to choose two sides to accompany the sirloin, offering flexibility. Opt for a salad for your greens and elevate your meal with a marvelously baked sweet potato to replenish glycogen stores.

With many side dishes, you can switch it up with each visit. It’s an ideal choice for those who love great food but are mindful of their dietary preferences. Texas Roadhouse understands the diverse needs of its patrons, offering a perfect meal tailored to various preferences. If not a salad, a loaded baked potato is a delightful option, providing the essential carbs to complement the sacred protein of the grilled salmon.


8. Grilled Salmon

Experience the extraordinary with Texas Roadhouse’s Grilled Salmon, elevating the ordinary into a delightful culinary creation. Grilling salmon can be delicate, balancing the risk of dryness with the need for flavorful add-ons. Texas Roadhouse, known for its expertise in grilling beef, chicken, and ribs, extends that mastery to perfection in grilling salmon. The quality and beauty of this fish dish are sure to impress, with tender and juicy morsels that melt in your mouth.

Even for those in your party who exclusively enjoy fish, Texas Roadhouse doesn’t neglect them. The salmon meal offers a surprising twist at a steak and barbecue joint. Delicately seasoned, this dish allows you to savor the taste of omega-3 in a flavorful concoction that never disappoints. To complement the exquisite salmon, it’s served with tartar sauce, and you might find yourself equally impressed by the tantalizing taste of the rattlesnake bites as a side dish.

9. Rattlesnake Bites

You’ve found the perfect spot at Texas Roadhouse, and the popular Jalapeno Poppers, aptly named Rattlesnake Bites, is a testament to that. Despite the name, rest assured there are no actual rattlesnakes involved. These delectable bites, often described as practically addictive, are a favorite among diners. Made from diced jalapenos and jack cheese, they are expertly coated in batter and lightly fried to perfection. The finishing touch is a delightful serving of Cajun horseradish sauce, creating a flavorful experience. Remember to pair them with the homemade baked rolls and the irresistible cinnamon butter. Its combination guarantees a memorable and satisfying dining experience at Texas Roadhouse.

10. Homemade baked rolls with cinnamon butter

Indulging in the Bread Basket at most restaurants can be hit or miss, with contents sometimes needing to be more consistent or exciting. However, the homemade baked rolls defy expectations at Texas Roadhouse – they are irresistibly fresh, tasty, and delicious. You’ll never second-guess the rolls delivered to your table here. To enhance the experience, they come with pleasantly spiced cinnamon butter, elevating the rolls to a heavenly level. Sometimes, a slight added touch, like this cinnamon butter, can transform a dish, making you wonder about the genius behind these delectable offerings. The best part? They’re delicious and accessible – a delightful surprise at Texas Roadhouse.

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How to order Online from Texas Roadhouse?

1. Visit the Website

2. Locate Online Ordering Section

  • Look for the “Online Ordering” or “Order Now” section on the website.

3. Enter Location

  • Provide your location details, including your zip code, to ensure you order from the nearest Texas Roadhouse location.

4. Browse the Menu

  • Explore the online menu to view available items. Categories may include Starters, Salads, Hand-Cut Steaks, Combos, and more.

5. Make Selections

  • Click on the items you want to order, customize your selections (if applicable), and add them to your cart.

6. Review Your Order

  • Check your order summary, ensuring you’ve selected the correct items and quantities.

7. Provide Contact Information

  • Enter your contact details, including your email address and phone number.

8. Choose Pickup or Delivery

  • Select whether you want to pick up your order or have it delivered if delivery is available in your area.

9. Add Special Instructions

  • If you have any specific requests or instructions for your order, add them to the designated section.

10. Payment

  • Enter your payment information and complete the transaction.

11. Confirmation

  • Once your order is placed, you should receive a confirmation email or text with details about your order and an estimated pickup or delivery time.

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Texas Roadhouse Catering Near Me

Texas Roadhouse catering menus typically include various options such as hand-cut steaks, barbecue chicken, ribs, salads, sides like mashed potatoes and green beans, and their famous rolls with cinnamon butter.

The Texas Roadhouse Catering Cost Per Person Is:

Economy Package$14.00/person2 meats, 2 sidesNo drinks or desserts; Utensils not included
Economy Package$12.00/person1 meat, 2 sidesNo drinks or desserts; Utensils not included
Standard Package$14.00/person1 meat, 2 sidesNo drinks or desserts; Utensils not included
Standard Combo Package$16.00/person2 meats, 2 sidesNo drinks or desserts; Utensils not included
Lunch Combo Package$10.00/person2 itemsNo drinks or desserts; Utensils not included

Yes, Texas Roadhouse often accommodates special dietary requests. You can start organizing the menu once you have a general idea of your visitors’ dietary restrictions. To determine whether a caterer is a good fit, find out about menu modifications and their approach to handling dietary requirements. 

Make sure to specify your needs precisely when placing your catering order. This covers the total number of attendees, the kinds of food you want, and any dietary requirements. Inquire about the delivery. Texas Roadhouse can deliver catering orders.

Depending on the particular menu item, Texas Roadhouse catering portions differ. Texas Roadhouse is renowned for serving generous portions that are ideal for big gatherings. It is advised to speak with the Texas Roadhouse catering staff directly for accurate information on portion sizes for a certain catering item. They can provide insightful analysis based on your unique order and preferences.

Texas Roadhouse may offer discounts or promotions for large catering orders. Inquire with the catering department for any ongoing specials or group discounts.

It is recommended to place a Texas Roadhouse catering order well in advance, ideally a few days to a week before your event. This allows sufficient time for the restaurant to prepare and fulfill your order, ensuring availability and meeting any specific requirements you may have. However, the exact lead time may vary, so it is advisable to contact the Texas Roadhouse catering department directly to discuss your event details and receive personalized guidance on the optimal timing for placing your order.

Yes, many Texas Roadhouse locations offer online ordering for catering. Visit their official website or contact the local restaurant for online ordering options.

The payment options for Texas Roadhouse catering services may vary by location. Typically, they accept various payment methods, including credit cards and cash. To get specific details on payment options available for your catering order, it is recommended that you contact the Texas Roadhouse catering department at your local restaurant. They can provide accurate and up-to-date information regarding payment methods and any additional details related to billing for catering services.

Yes, the catering menu at Texas Roadhouse offers a variety of vegetarian salads, entrées, appetizers, and sides.

Texas Roadhouse Menu PDF
#Texas Roadhouse Menu PDF

Texas Roadhouse Menu PDF

#Texas Roadhouse Happy Hour

Texas Roadhouse Happy Hour

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