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Red Lobster Dessert Menu (2024)

Red Lobster Dessert Menu (2024)

Red Lobster Dessert Menu

Red Lobster, a widely-loved restaurant chain, is celebrated for its tantalizing shrimp and Cheddar Bay Biscuits. However, the attraction to Red Lobster doesn’t stop at the savory entrees – the dessert offerings also demand a taste. From classic favorites like Vanilla Bean Cheesecake and Chocolate Wave to unique options like the Brownie Overboard® and the Strawberry Cheesecake, the Red Lobster Desserts Menu has something for everyone with a sweet tooth. ALSO READ: RED LOBSTER VEGAN MENU (2024)

Red Lobster Dessert Menu
#Red Lobster Dessert Menu

We’ll look closer at the Red Lobster Desserts Menu, highlighting some of the most popular and indulgent options. So, prepare to satisfy your sweet tooth and indulge in delicious Desserts.


What Are Some Popular Desserts On The Red Lobster Menu?

The Red Lobster Menu has various popular options that satisfy any sweet tooth. The Chocolate Wave is a fan favorite, featuring warm chocolate Layers of warm, decadent chocolate cake and creamy fudge frosting. Served with vanilla ice cream and rich chocolate sauce.

As one of the most famous chain restaurants in the world, the Red Lobster will have a huge variety of Dessert options.

The most popular are vanilla bean cheesecake
and chocolate Wave.

Here is a list of the different and New items of Dessert that they serve:

  • Vanilla Bean Cheesecake
  • Chocolate Wave
  • Brownie Overboard®
  • Triple Chocolate Typhoon (New!)
  • Salted Caramel Cookie (New!)
  • Meyer Lemon Cake (New!)
  • Bananas Foster Cheesecake (New!)

Vanilla Bean Cheesecake
#Vanilla Bean Cheesecake

Vanilla Bean Cheesecake $7.99 | 700 Calories

topped with shavings of white chocolate, vanilla bean-infused whipped cream, and layers of delicious Italian cream over a vanilla cookie crust.

Chocolate Wave
#Chocolate Wave

Chocolate Wave $7.99 | 1110 Calories

layers of rich, creamy fudge icing and warm, chocolate cake. served with delicious chocolate sauce and vanilla ice cream.

Brownie Overboard®
#Brownie Overboard®

Brownie Overboard® $8.99 | 1020 Calories

Vanilla ice cream scooped onto warm brownie wedges. topped with whipped cream, caramel, and fudge.

Triple Chocolate Typhoon (New!)
#Triple Chocolate Typhoon (New!)

Triple Chocolate Typhoon (New!) $10.99 | 1380 Calories

A chocolate celebration that may be shared! Warm brownies topped with heated GHIRARDELLI® Chocolate Sauce, vanilla ice cream, chocolate mousse, and OREO® creams and cookie crumbs.

Salted Caramel Cookie
#Salted Caramel Cookie

Salted Caramel Cookie (New!) $6.99 | 700 Calories

topped with melted GHIRARDELLI® Saltwater Caramel Sauce, caramelized nuts, and vanilla ice cream.

Meyer Lemon Cake
#Meyer Lemon Cake

Meyer Lemon Cake (New!) $7.99 | 470 Calories

Meyer lemon curd, mousse, and raspberry drizzled over a moist lemon cake.

Bananas Foster Cheesecake
#Bananas Foster Cheesecake

Bananas Foster Cheesecake (New!) $8.99 | 1380 Calories

topped with a banana, caramelized nuts, and warm GHIRARDELLI® Sea Salt Caramel Sauce. accompanied by vanilla ice cream.


How To Order Online From Red Lobster

Whether hungry for succulent seafood or craving a hearty meal, ordering online from Red Lobster is a breeze. With their user-friendly website and mobile app, you can enjoy your favourites from the comfort of your home. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to place your online order:

Step 1: Visit the Red Lobster Website or Download the App

Start by visiting the Red Lobster official website or download the Red Lobster app from the App Store or Google Play Store on your smartphone.

Step 2: Create an Account or Log In

Creating an account is recommended for a smoother ordering process and keeping track of your orders. If you already have an account, log in.

Step 3: Choose Your Order Type

Choose between Delivery, if you want the meal brought to your doorstep, or Pickup if you prefer to collect it yourself. 

Step 4: Select Your Location

Enter your address or zip code to find the nearest Red Lobster location. Select the most convenient restaurant from the list presented.

Step 5: Explore the Menu

Browse through the Red Lobster menu categories:

  • Today’s Catch
  • Seafood Feasts & Combinations
  • Land & Sea
  • Appetizers & Tasting Plates
  • Soups, Salads & Sides
  • Biscuits & Extras
  • Family Meal Deals
  • Desserts
  • Beverages

Step 6: Add Items to Your Order

When you find your desired dishes, click ‘Add to Bag.’ Tweak your order with any special instructions or select from available options for customizing your order, like choosing a side dish.

Step 7: Checkout

Once you have everything, review your order by clicking on the shopping bag icon. Make any final changes or add any promotional codes you may have.

Step 8: Payment

Proceed to payment by clicking ‘Checkout.’ Input your payment details. Red Lobster typically accepts various payment methods, including credit cards, debit cards, and even gift cards.

Step 9: Confirm Your Order

Review all the information, ensure your order details and payment information are correct, and confirm your order.

Step 10: Enjoy Your Meal

After placing your order, you’ll receive an estimated time for Delivery or Pickup. For pickup orders, head to the location at the specified time and look for designated parking spots or signs that direct you to the pickup area.

Additional Tips:

  • Sign up for My Red Lobster Rewards to earn points for free rewards.
  • Before finalizing your order, check the website for any available promo codes or discounts.
  • Include this information in the ‘Special Instructions’ section if you have any allergies.
  • If you’d like your meal prepared in a particular way, don’t hesitate to mention it when placing your order.

Enjoy your Red Lobster feast, and remember, the Cheddar Bay Biscuits are just a few clicks away!


Red Lobster Dessert Menu Prices With Calories

Vanilla Bean Cheesecake$7.99700
Bananas Foster Cheesecake (NEW)$8.991380
Meyer Lemon Cake (NEW)$7.99470
Chocolate Wave$7.991110
Brownie Overboard®$8.991020
Triple Chocolate Typhoon (NEW)$10.991380
Salted Caramel Cookie (NEW)$6.99700

Red Lobster Dessert Menu Nutrition Information

Vanilla Bean Cheesecake

Nutrition FactsAmount Per Serving
Serving Size1 serving
% Daily Values*
Total Fat49.00g
– Saturated Fat25.000g
– Trans Fat0.500g
Total Carbohydrate58.00g
– Dietary Fiber1.0g
– Sugars41.00g

Chocolate Wave

Nutrition FactsAmount Per Serving
Serving Size1 serving
% Daily Values*
Total Fat64.00g
– Saturated Fat22.000g
– Trans Fat1.000g
Total Carbohydrate135.00g
– Dietary Fiber6.0g
– Sugars93.00g

Brownie Overboard

Nutrition FactsAmount Per Serving
Serving Size1 serving
% Daily Values*
Total Fat57.00g
– Saturated Fat30.000g
– Trans Fat1.000g
Total Carbohydrate120.00g
– Dietary Fiber5.0g
– Sugars82.00g

 Salted Caramel Cookie (New!)

Nutrition FactsAmount Per Serving
Total Fat13g (17% DV)
– Saturated Fat6g (30% DV)
Cholesterol25mg (8% DV)
Sodium190mg (8% DV)
Total Carbohydrates34g (12% DV)
– Dietary Fiber0g (0% DV)
– Sugars21g

Meyer Lemon Cake (New!)

Nutrition FactsAmount Per Serving
Total Fat12g (15% DV)
– Saturated Fat5g (25% DV)
– Trans Fat0g
Total Carbohydrates28g (10% DV)
– Dietary Fiber0g (0% DV)
– Total Sugars20g
– Added Sugars19g (38% DV)

Bananas Foster Cheesecake (New!

Nutrition FactsAmount Per Serving
% Daily Value
Total Fat58g (74% DV)
– Saturated Fat28g (140% DV)
– Trans Fat2g
Cholesterol190mg (63% DV)
Sodium810mg (35% DV)
Total Carbohydrate110g (40% DV)
– Dietary Fiber3g (11% DV)
– Total Sugars83g


Faqs About Red Lobster Dessert Menu

Q1: What are the most popular desserts currently delighting palettes at Red Lobster?

 Our dessert selection constantly sails the high seas of flavour, but some treasure troves that guests consistently adore include our indulgent Vanilla Bean Cheesecake, the sumptuously layered Chocolate Wave, and the extravagant Brownie Overboard®. Additionally, we’ve introduced new sensations like the Triple Chocolate Typhoon, the sweet and salty Salted Caramel Cookie, the refreshing Meyer Lemon Cake, and the delectable Bananas Foster Cheesecake to our menu. These delights have quickly become fan favourites, making waves the perfect sweet ending to your seafood experience.

Q2: Does your dessert menu cater to specific dietary restrictions like gluten-free or vegan preferences?

 Our guests have diverse dietary needs, so we strive to offer something for everyone. While our dessert menu is not extensive in gluten-free or vegan options, selected Red Lobster locations may serve fresh fruit or sorbet that caters to these dietary considerations. We recommend that our guests with specific dietary restrictions speak directly with the restaurant before visiting to discuss the most current dessert options available.

Q3: Can I customize any desserts on the Red Lobster menu to fit my dietary restrictions?

 At Red Lobster, we prioritize guest satisfaction and will do our best to accommodate special requests. However, because our desserts are crafted to recipe perfection, customization options may be limited. It’s always best to contact your local Red Lobster in advance to discuss any specific dietary needs and find out how we can help you end your meal on a sweet note that fits your requirements.


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