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Chipotle Vegan Menu

Chipotle Vegan Menu (2024)

Chipotle Vegan Menu

Chipotle has embraced the growing demand for vegan options, offering a wide array of plant-based choices that are as flavorful as they are wholesome. Whether you’re a seasoned vegan or just curious about incorporating more plant-based meals into your diet, Chipotle has something for everyone.

The looks of Chipotle, and the basis it’s so vegan-friendly, is that what you order is totally up to you. There are no pre-determined menu items you’re limited to and no modifications to worry about or work about; you pick a design and build your meal exactly the way you’d like.

How to Order Vegan at Chipotle?

Were you craving a flavorful and satisfying vegan meal at Chipotle? You’re in luck! Chipotle offers diverse plant-based options that will tantalize your taste buds. Follow this simple guide to customize your order and enjoy a delicious vegan feast.

Here is the simplest way to order a vegan meal at Chipotle
  1. Pick a base: Burrito, Burrito Bowl, Salad, or Tacos
  2. Select all your toppings (see list below)
  3. Choose to add sides like chips, guac, or both.
  4. Prefer a delightful drink, if you desire!

Chipotle Burrito

If you’re a devoted foodie or just someone desiring a satisfying meal, the words “Chipotle Burrito” will likely trigger a cascade of cravings. In this article, we’ll dive into the artistry behind crafting the perfect Chipotle burrito, exploring the flavours, choices, and hacks that make this iconic dish a culinary masterwork.

Chipotle Burrito
#Chipotle Burrito

Chipotle’s burritos stand made with a big, soft, heated flour tortilla filled with any element toppings you’d want (such as your choice of rice, beans, veggies, tofu, salsa, lettuce, and guacamole.)

 Chipotle Burrito Bowl

The Chipotle Burrito Bowl stands out for its customizable nature. You can choose from various bases, proteins, toppings, and sauces, creating a personalized bowl that suits your taste buds perfectly.

Chipotle Burrito Bowl
# Chipotle Burrito Bowl

These are burritos without the tortilla filled up in a bowl. People may select burrito bowls because they eat with a fork or peeking for a more nutritious, gluten-free, or lower-carb choice.

Chipotle Salad

Chipotle Salad’s unique blend of ingredients offers a refreshing and satisfying meal that caters to your taste buds and health. The star of the show is, undoubtedly, the chipotle pepper. This smoky, dried, and ripe jalapeño pepper brings a distinctive flavor that elevates the salad to a new level.

Chipotle Salad
#Chipotle Salad

Chipotle salads are similar to Burrito Bowls, except they’re on a bed of romaine lettuce instead of rice. You can load up all the toppings you’d like (such as beans, fajita veggies, sofritas tofu, corn, tomatoes, and salsa)

Chipotle Tacos

Chipotle Tacos stand out for their bold, smoky flavors and gratitude to chipotle peppers. These smoked jalapeños add a unique kick, making every bite a culinary experience. Whether you’re a heart lover or a vegetarian, there’s a Chipotle Taco formula for every palate.

Chipotle Tacos
#Chipotle Tacos

You can order single tacos or a full 3-taco dinner served in soft flour or crispy corn tortilla taco shells. Serve your tacos with all the vegan fixings (if you choose rice, beans, veggies, tofu, salsa, lettuce, and guacamole.)

Chipotle Sofritas

If you’re a fan of bold flavors and a vegetarian option that doesn’t compromise on taste, you’ve likely experienced the culinary delight known as Chipotle Sofritas. In this article, we’ll dive into the savory world of Chipotle Sofritas, exploring what makes it a favorite among many. 

Chipotle Sofritas
#Chipotle Sofritas

Vegan items available on the Chipotle menu

Vegan Toppings & Sides (all listed are vegan-friendly)

  • Black Beans
  • Pinto Beans
  • Cilantro Lime White Rice
  • Brown Rice
  • Fajita Vegetables (Sauteed bell peppers and onion)
  • Sofritas (Braised tofu with poblano and chipotle peppers)
  • Guacamole
  • Romaine Lettuce
  • Supergreens Lettuce Blend
  • Roasted Chili-Corn Salsa
  • Fresh Tomato Salsa
  • Tomatillo Red Salsa
  • Green Chili Salsa
  • Tortilla Chips

Chipotle Vegan Menu Price Table 🌱

Item Price
🌯 Vegan Burrito $7.99
– 🌱 Sofritas
– 🍚 Brown Rice
– 🖤 Black Beans
– 🌶️ Fajita Veggies
– 🍅 Salsa
– 🥑 Guacamole Add $1.99
🥗 Vegan Bowl $8.49
– 🌱 Sofritas
– 🍚 Cilantro-Lime Rice
– 🍛 Pinto Beans
– 🌽 Corn Salsa
– 🥬 Lettuce
– 🌱 Sofritas Add $2.49
🌮 Vegan Tacos (3) $9.99
– 🌱 Sofritas
– 🌽 White Corn Tortillas
– 🔥 Tomatillo Green-Chili Salsa
– 🥬 Romaine Lettuce
🍟 Sides
– 🥑 Chips and Guacamole $4.99
– 🌽 Chips and Salsa $3.49
– 🌱 Sofritas Add to any item for $2.49

Frequently Ask Questions Chipotle Vegan Menu 

Q: Are Chipotle’s Sofritas vegan?

Yes, Chipotle’s Sofritas are entirely plant-based, making them a delicious and protein-packed vegan option.

Q: What ingredients are in Chipotle’s vegan burrito?

Chipotle’s vegan burrito includes Sofritas (spicy tofu), brown rice, black beans, fajita veggies, salsa, and guacamole (optional).

Q: How much does guacamole cost for vegan options at Chipotle?

Guacamole is an additional $1.99 for most vegan items at Chipotle.

Q: Can I customize my vegan order at Chipotle?

Absolutely! Chipotle lets you personalize your vegan burrito, bowl, or tacos to suit your tastes.

Q: What sides are vegan at Chipotle?

Vegan sides at Chipotle include Chips and Guacamole, as well as Chips and Salsa.

Q: What makes Chipotle’s vegan bowl unique?

Chipotle’s vegan bowl features Sofritas, cilantro-lime rice, pinto beans, corn salsa, lettuce, and the option to add extra Sofritas.

Q: Is the guacamole at Chipotle vegan-friendly?

Chipotle’s guacamole is vegan-friendly, adding a creamy and flavorful touch to your vegan order.

Q: How spicy are Chipotle’s Sofritas?

The spice level of Chipotle’s Sofritas is moderate, providing a flavorful kick without being overwhelmingly hot.

Q: Can I order vegan tacos at Chipotle?

Absolutely! Chipotle offers vegan tacos with Sofritas, white corn tortillas, tomatillo green-chili salsa, and romaine lettuce.

Q: What’s the price difference for adding Sofritas to my vegan order?

Adding Sofritas to your vegan burrito, bowl, or tacos at Chipotle incurs an additional charge of $2.49.

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